Brian Kerle Basketball bounces back from Covid-19

BK Post image

Brisbane, QLD- Sunday 12th July, 1 week after the Queensland government announced Stage 3 sport restrictions, Brian Kerle Basketball is booming.

Kerle, a former Australian player and coach, walks around the court as kids ranging from 5–18 are coached by his sons, talented like their father and making their own names for themselves in Australian basketball. Parents are gathered on the sidelines, speaking and laughing as their kids interact with each other, happy to be able to play again.

For most small businesses in sport, the post COVID build is a long road full of blocks. BK Basketball shows resilience as regulars immediately return to their training sessions and Kerle’s phone is full of frantic messages from parents wanting to book spots at his training sessions.

Starting small, Kerle basketball has become an iconic part of the Australian basketball landscape, with the organisation now offering their own Academy providing school leavers with 12 months of training, a sports diploma and boosts them out of the program with an OP-9, allowing them to move into higher education if they wish to.

Their clinics — run every few months, are always booked out and their weekly sessions running Wednesday & Thursday afternoons and Saturday & Sunday mornings are inclusive of differing levels in game — Beginner, Intermediate, Elite and Super Elite.

Brian Kerle basketball has been helping communities for two decades, bringing together and celebrating Australia’s indigenous communities in the sport and ensuring high quality coaching throughout the country and its surrounding regions.